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Look Within Yourself

Have you taken time to examine yourself?

Today, we have a lot of people that are entrepreneurs or some seeking to start their own businesses. What is stopping us?

What are you not revealing from within you?

People need to feel at peace on the inside to present purposefully on the outside.

Take a deep breath, meditate, take a walk or do whatever you have to do to settle your mind. For me, I listen to some music, whether that is rap, R&B or country and yes I do listen to country. Sometimes, I sing in the shower to help myself to relax, but I am sure that my sons hate it, because I am no Whitney Houston.

Steps to Creativity

Have you created a vision board? This allows you to explore and create a plan for your future goals. This process allows for the creative mind to take over and reveal what the heart truly desires. Take a ride with no true destination and pay attention to the things you see. You never know what can spark your creativity and cause you to gain an abundance of motivation. For me, it was getting sick and my job not having anyone to cover for me and me realizing that I was about to be stuck in a dead end job, if I didn't spark my creative mindset or growth mindset. This is not to say that some 9-5 jobs are not fulfilling but it has to amplify your spirit and soul in a way that gains you peace and serenity.

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