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Being a Single Mother is Interesting

As a single mother, quite naturally things can be challenging. What I have found is that everyone thinks that they understand or know what you're going through but in truth, I never felt that they really did. This journey hasn't been what I thought it would be. I thought I would have the white fence and a husband to help me care for my children, but I learned fast that life can throw you for a loop. I had to financially and physically be the support and sole provider for my sons. I often felt that I wasn't fit to take care of my sons in the way that I felt they needed and I dealt with ridicule and people telling me their opinions about me and my sons. Some people just didn't think that I would amount to much or be able to be a good mother.

I got to the point where I was tired of people having a opinion, especially, when they weren't doing anything to help the situation. I can remember working two jobs and going to school trying to take care of my sons, but still that wasn't enough to please people or make my ex-husband decide to be there for his sons. I finally said "why am I trying so hard to please people when I need to be happy with myself?" My sons have no idea how many times our lights or water had been cut off, because I wanted them to experience the best life I could provide. I remember getting to a point where I was depressed, but I didn't share it with anyone. I would cry at night and put myself down because people didn't think I was worth much anyway or at least that's how I felt.

Finally, one day I decided I wasn't listening to people anymore. I was going to prove them wrong. I went to school and gained my Master's Degree and started my own private practice to show my sons that no matter what, they can do and achieve anything in their life. We are doing great now, but it sometimes takes you to climb mountains to reach your peak.

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